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Joining our Club

To join and be part of Leicester Hockey Club, there are a few things you need to know before you sign up. This also forms our main terms and conditions for membership:

Our membership runs over the course of a hockey season whilst we are running training sessions, matches and club events. This is generally a six month period (Oct-Mar). We voted at our AGM in May 2017 and agreed that as of season 2017-18 onwards we will no longer charge a match fee and instead charge a combined fee with annual subscription that can either be made as a one off payment or as a six month subscription payment. This means all members must be signed up, registered and have confirmed their payment arrangements before 1st October.

We offer a subscription membership to cover the season and as a member you need to make sure you maintain these payments, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel your membership. Our membership is excellent value for money but please remember that if you cannot attend a specific session, we do not get any sort of rebate or refund for our fixed costs. 

We endeavour to run training every week, however weather conditions may affect the condition of the all weather pitch and we may need to cancel training to ensure player safety. We commit to putting out teams for every fixture we have arranged either through leagues, cups or friendlies. Before you join, please consider this and make sure you are available to play and train the majority of dates that your membership will cover, otherwise you may not get as much value for money.

We try to manage the selection of players carefully and work with our players, however some players are asked to play in different squads from time to time. Unless you have previously told us of unavailability at various points during a match day, we expect that you will play in the squads you are selected for.

All members (not including First team) need to buy club socks and a club skort from our kit shop. We have a variety of other leisure and training wear available, but we only ask that you buy a skort, a pair of black socks and a pair of white socks (for away kit). Team shirts are provided by the team manager on match days. Our club colours are black and white so we ask that all our members adhere to this where possible.

As a club we don't want financial constraints or hardship to be an issue so we ask members to get in touch if they would like a confidential conversation with our treasurer. We have lots of paid opportunities for players who may also be interested in coaching, umpiring and helping on First team match days.

Family Discounts - this season 2018-19 we have launched a new family discount scheme, which applies to members of the same family. Members 1 and 2 join up as usual but member #3 onwards gets a £50 discount off the total cost. If this applies to your family, please get in touch and we will explain how to apply the discount.


1st Team Membership

Our First team plays in the Womens National Premier League. Training takes place in the week and there are league games and friendly matches at the weekend. First team squad membership is by invitation only.

League Membership

We have four more league squads competing predominantly on Saturdays in the Leicestershire and Midlands Leagues. These squads train in the week, and selection is based on ability, progression and work rate.

Student/U18 League Membership

Students in Full time Education and players under the age of 18 can join the club on a slightly reduced rate as the full Adult league Membership. DMU students are also welcome to join as a reduced rate member.

Academy membership

Our Academy membership is for players over 7 and under 18 who wish to play in age group competition and may or may not be able to commit to Saturday League Competition. We train on Sunday afternoons and play in National and regional competitions.

Combined Academy and League

This membership is for players who qualify for both age group training and are available on Saturdays to be League Members as well. Membership rates are reduced and combined to make a value for money membership with a full programme of training and matches.

Special Memberships

Available by application to the commitee, this membership covers senior members (over 60s), unwaged members and members who would like special considerations. This membership is by application only through the club secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What do we get for the money?

A breakdown and explanation of charges

Our club is passionate about value for money and making sure you understand why we charge what we do. We are a non-profit organisation, a Community Interest Company (CiC) that aims to deliver quality and increase participation in hockey. Any profits made from any activity, is put back into the club to support our activities.

Over the past few years we have seen a significant increase in our pitch and coaching costs, mainly due an increase in participant numbers. Our endeavour to support coaches with qualifications, the right equipment and enough pitch space has led to an increase across the board.

It important to remember services we have brought to the club for the First team are also available to all our members and that includes the Physiotherapy service which players can book to use on a Wednesday evening. 

From August 2017, all subscriptions will include all training, match shirts and match fees, so there will be no more additional payments for players, unless there is an organised trip abroad, a club dinner or special club event or a hotel is required for a competition final.

Based on our market research across clubs in other parts of the country, we still rank as excellent value for money. All our squads, have qualified coaches, first aiders and managers present for what we do and we play and train on some of the best facilities in the county.

We have opportunities for players to offset costs by supporting as a junior coach or umpire and this enables players to commit to hockey activities with no financial burden, providing they can support the club elsewhere.

Players can also obtain sponsorship from outside companies, this will also offset their costs. 

For further information on costs, sponsorship, or membership please contact the club secretary- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..