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Switch The Pitch Crowdfunding Campaign

Switch The Pitch aims to raise £30,000 which will be used to commence the first stage of the pitch reinstallation at St Margaret’s Pastures Sports Centre, the new home of Leicester City Hockey Club.

At present, the club’s ladies’ first and second teams play fixtures at Leicester Grammar School, as the current playing surface at St Margaret’s Pastures doesn’t support the standard at the highest levels of the game. The installation of a new water-based playing surface, funded initially through the Switch The Pitch project, will enable elite hockey to return to Leicester city centre.

However, the desire to bring a first-class playing surface to St Margaret’s Pastures goes far beyond Leicester City Hockey Club. The aim of the project is to enhance the venue as a multi-sport hub of the highest quality and provide the best facilities to the local community. We are determined to help level the playing field and ensure anyone can take part, regardless of background, age and ability. Upgrading the pitch will provide the opportunity for role models (including our own Olympians!) to inspire local inner-city children to get involved and experience sporting activities on the best surface there is!

Reaching our funding target to take up the old pitch is critical in helping us to unlock the further £300,000 of funding needed to then purchase the new carpet, floodlights and fencing.

We have divided the pitch into 1000 squares. The more pledges, the more squares we can change from old to new! If we have the support of 1000 backers at £20 each, that's £20,000 raised! Along with local sponsorship, we hope to then achieve the £30,000 target. If we have 1000 backers at £30 each, we raise our full target of £30,000 and hopefully move into overfunding with the support of local sponsorship.

Anyone interested in supporting the crowdfunding project are invited to ‘buy a square’ of the new playing surface by following the link below.

We need you to help us reach our goal, please pledge what you are willing to donate and encourage friends, family and businesses to do the same and support sport in the city of Leicester!

For any questions relating to Switch The Pitch, please contact project lead Emma Compson via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.